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Shamanic Retreats


Emerald Retreats 

Next Emerald Retreat: Feb 9-11, Co. Mayo, Ireland 
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The Emerald Retreats take place in very special spaces in the Emerald Island. We choose very carefully the location, always surrounded by nature, in secluded sacred places. 

We want to bring people closer to nature, removing them from this rushy and agitated life for a while. Silence, peace, calmness are essential to enable a profound dive into ourselves. It's a space to review your life, meditate, look inside, have insights, find your purpose, find the meaning and heal yourself.

Our retreats are usually 3 days, and we offer accommodation and food. The food is healthy, natural and prepared with a lot of love. 



MUSIC is a central point in these retreats, and I offer my work Living Singing - medicine music, opening space for each one to feel how their energy centers are working, and what kind of issues, blocks, challenges are around these areas, disturbing or preventing their healthy flow in life. We go through the realms of Spiritual Connection, Vision, Communication, Love, Will Power, Emotional Flow and Grounding. The magical power of sounds helps to move the stagnated energies, finding a healing path for them. Spiritual and shamanic songs that I learnt and collected along my journey are also part of the experience, as well as the celtic songs. 

My spirituality is wide, I'm not attached to any religion but honor every spiritual being that touches my heart  - Christ, Mother Mary, Angels, Buddha, Shiva, Orixás (African Deities) & others. 
My shamanic path is based mainly in two roots: Indigenous Shamanism and Celtic Shamanism.
I honor the Brasilian Indigenous people, and I'm specially connected to the Yawanawá people, whose community in Amazon forest I had the honor to visit. 
I honor Indigenous people around the world - Peru, Colombia, North America & others.
I honor the Celtic Paganism, with their ancient wisdom from the Earth.
I honor the Druids, the Celtic Trees and the Other World.
I honor the Enchanted Beings, and I'm specially connected to the Fairies. 

In a Shamanic Journey we enter an altered state of consciousness through experiencing rhythmic sounds and music, enabling us to connect with the non-ordinary reality, the world of spirit.

Through journeying in this realm we have the opportunity to meet our spiritual guides, such as spirit animals, plant spirits, enchanted beings of the forest, angels and ancestors, find and embrace our Inner Child, meet our demons from a place of love and compassion and embrace our shadows.

The aim of this journey is to receive guidance and understanding and to re-unite with abandoned and fragmented parts of our Soul. We get to know ourselves better so we can walk our path more empowered and graceful. We build a real strength, that borns from a fine balance between our abilities and vulnerabilities, and a true domain of our animal side. 

The shamanic path always connects us to Nature, Mother Earth and every living creature. It makes us recognize where we come from and learn how to respect this root. We develop a deeper connection to our bodies, learning what is nourishment and what is poison for us. Most people entering this path naturally change their diet and habits. We learn to be more attuned to our natural cycles - time to born, time to grow, time to die and reborn again. We learn to pay attention to our feelings, emotions and instincts, that are always guiding us toward the best for us. We learn to connect the other and recognize all beings as brothers and sisters. 

Our civilization created a lot of good things, but in this moment we are definitely too far away from nature, needing to reconnect to its ancient wisdom. Each day more people are realizing that Shamanism is an amazing path to it.

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Our retreats are always finalized with Integration, a space to share our journey with the group, digest what we learnt and experienced. I bring my psychological knowledge in this moment, and feel that the Jungian Psychotherapy approach is very useful to contemplate and process this kind of experience.

“ It was a different experience from any of the other retreats I’ve been to and one I came away from with more questions then answers about the experience. Over the last few weeks I've really had to process it, sit with it and go deeper into myself to find the meaning. Having amazing experiences and then having the feeling there's more. It has focused me to look at different things, paths and other ways to grow my knowledge. 

There’s much more I could say but I really just want to express my gratitude and say thank you for the experience. I look forward to the next one."

A. M., Ireland 

"I have done two ceremonies with Helena and I would recommend to anyone. They were such incredible and healing experiences and the location was lovely.

Helena is amazing at facilitating the ceremony. She is a beautiful person and makes you feel very safe and welcome. She has a true passion for helping others and you can really tell this is her calling in life. Her partner Greg was also at the ceremonies I attended and he was so helpful in looking after the attendees and is a wonderful guy."

- J. M., Ireland


Global Partnerships


Next Retreat: Aug 28th - 31th, Castricum, Netherlands 

Inwardbound Retreats

Facilitators: Rob Coffey, Helena Angelini, Dr. Darragh Stewart, Renee Hendriks

For more info and to book please email


I'm very glad to join forces with people that I trust and share a similar world view with. I believe in team and love to collaborate with other ceremonies and retreats bringing my music and Living Singing medicine. 


To book me for your ceremony or talk about some form of collaboration please contact me.  

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