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Jungian Psychotherapy 

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You are much more influenced by your unconscious mind than you think. Your choices, reactions, feelings are totally connected to the past stories that you lived, traumas that you suffered, patterns that you absorbed from your parents, ancestors and society. Without good work on these deep levels you can’t say that you are truly free to live the life you want. You are not truly free to choose, because you are compulsively pushed to these ingrained patterns. 


Jungian Psychotherapy enables you to dive into these deep levels, look to your shadows, blind spots and repetitive patterns, helping you to integrate them to your consciousness. It also enables you to see and manifest more of your true nature, who you really are and were born to be - your true gifts, strength, authenticity, the unique things that you bring and have to offer to this world. 


Our main guide in this process is your dreams, a complete map that shows what is happening in your inner universe, what images and archetypes rule you, what repetitive patterns are affecting your life, which emotions and parts of yourself you are denying and trying to hide, which external figures or inner guides can inspire you to a more positive and authentic direction. We see these points in the dream and talk to identify them in your day by day life, finding a practical solution to deal with them and transform what you have to transform. 


The pinnacle of any consciousness is always an action, that will see the repetitive pattern approaching and decide to change it, choosing a more creative, healthy and expansive response to the situation. A real therapy makes effective and substantial changes in your life. 




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In a practical level, I will help you to:

  • embrace your feelings 

  • embrace your fears

  • accept your dark sides 

  • set boundaries 

  • love yourself 

  • choose positive relationships 

  • be more authentic and coherent in your choices

  • listen to your body, heart and intuition 

  • find your gifts and creative talents

  • connect to your higher Self 

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I like to use Art Therapy to amplify the images brought from the dreams, and facilitate the process of digesting and consolidating the changes pointed by the Self.


I always say that dreams are like pills. This medicine brought from our unconsciousness to balance, complete and compensate us is acting either we take notice or not, but if we put conscious efforts to look and receive this medicine, the effect is much bigger.


The act of drawing, painting, dancing, singing or writing about a dream in a free flowing state helps to absorb the image, clarify the meaning and bring even more information and unconscious connections around the theme. 

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I usually combine the Jungian Psychotherapy with the other complementary techniques that I practice. I believe that we are a whole and integrated system, and our body, mind, emotions and spirit are totally connected to each other, so if we treat one the other parts will be directly benefited too. In a long term process, usually the dreams and psychotherapy are the central point, but when I feel it's necessary I utilize Reiki sessions, Kinesiology or Living Singing

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”   C.G. Jung

"I've only been working with Helena for a few weeks and she has already guided me to profound insights into my lifelong subconscious patterns. I can now identify the beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that have been a source of struggle for many years, and work on deconstructing them. Helena has shown me that I have a choice in how I live my life. It seems self-evident, but when your subconscious is dictating your thoughts and actions, you don't even know that you're living on auto-pilot, repeating patterns and feeling frustrated at being 'stuck' over and over again. Helena is a master at deep listening and gently but firmly making me challenge my thinking. She is able to see the messages in my dreams and find common threads that illustrate real-life patterns of behaviour. I feel excited that I can choose to be different and make my own life simpler and more enjoyable. I feel like a new, more conscious version of myself is coming into being under Helena's guidance. This is an empowering kind of therapy; it's not about getting stuck in the past or 'analysis paralysis'. Helena also sets homework, which is really just a daily reminder to be aware of my thoughts, catch myself before I react in the old ways and choose how I wish to respond today, to create the circumstances and relationships I actually want. I'm looking forward to our future sessions and highly recommend Helena as a multi-faceted therapist."

- D. K., Ireland

In clinic / online  
60 min .......... 90 euros 



My offices:



The Plaza Offices, Level 1, Suite 3, Buzzer D

Headford Road, Co. Galway, Ireland

H91 KC6V


Lough Lannagh Leisure Complex

Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

F23 A257

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