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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a deeply individualized session that draws upon the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices to promote healing and release the burdens that may be holding you back.

My approach begins with a cleansing ritual using smudge sticks and shamanic tools to create a pure and sacred space. From there, I tap into your energy and intuitively identify the areas that require healing.

This 2 hours session is more like a mini ceremony, where I work with the power of
the Sacred Plants, Reiki, Shamanic instruments and the healing resonance of my voice. After the session, I often recommend specific herbal remedies - Brazilian and Irish herbs, oils and tinctures - for you to take home, enabling you to continue the healing journey beyond our sessions.

Shamanic Healing is the space for a shift in your energy, where I’m searching for emotional and spiritual blocks to dissolve and liberate. I’m searching for a physical catharsis in your cellular memories and armours that hold the traumas and emotions that you were not able to deal and process in the traumatic event. That’s the only way to really shift your energy and to open space for a different vibration and feeling in your body and mind.

I’ve been working with psychotherapy for 20 years now, and I realize that a lot of people have already the consciousness about an old pattern or situation, but don’t necessarily know how to change them. My experience shows that without these cathartic purges we are not really able to change and find a new reality for our lives. 


"Dear Helena, 
Thank you for your help. Just updating a bit on my experience with the healing. 
To begin with,  the Ave Maria song made me feel like a fountain of light, protected my whole being from the crown of the head to toes. Whatever emerged from my throat area felt like something owning my pain. I feel much more in charge of my voice now, what I share and what I choose not to so no one can "feed" or twist my emotional pain or reactions.
I have sensed more inner strenght in self protection. More ease in my boundaries expressed in a gentle but firm way to maintain a protective detachment. I am defined now not by anyones negative projection but by the goodness and dignity granted to me by  my Creator. There is more sovereignty growing slowly in my core self.. I no longer feel the urge to defend, plead, explain, justify my existence... though sometimes I still do as I’m human.  I am enough. This is it for now. Be well, Helena and thank you from my heart. Bless you."

- C. F., Ireland

In clinic  
120 min .......... 200 euros 



My offices:



The Plaza Offices, Level 1, Suite 3, Buzzer D

Headford Road, Co. Galway, Ireland

H91 KC6V


Lough Lannagh Leisure Complex

Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

F23 A257

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