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"As someone who’s always been skeptical of therapy and struggled with emotions I cannot recommend emerald wellness enough. Helena provides a safe welcoming environment where I can express myself and my feelings properly which is something I never thought could be possible. The sessions have become an integral part of my week as I’m slowly but surely beginning to feel like my true self! For anyone else struggling I can assure you that the first step in reaching out will be the best decision you make for yourself, I know it has been for me!"

- R. S, Ireland 


"Helena provides attendance by using kinesiology techniques, Jungian therapy, Reiki and music therapy. In her hands, incredible tools are found to lead to knowledge in a true and conscious way. A new challenge at each session, a new look at one's own self and the responsibility in building and transforming your life path."

T. A., Brasil 



"I had three sessions with Helena over the course of 5 months on a very sensitive issue and it was a beautiful experience. Helena is an amazing energy practitioner, she has such a beautiful calming nature which immediately puts you at ease and is completely non-judgmental with whatever arises."

- J. S., Ireland


"I have been doing psychotherapy with Helena for 8 months and I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.
If you’re interested in personal growth and understanding yourself better Helena’s an amazing professional and I just love her method and how she works. I can’t recommend her enough.
Thank you for this amazing path of discovery!"

- A. V., Portugal 



"I"ve had several sessions with Helena now and I am always amazed by how much lighter and at ease my mind feels afterwards. Highly recommended!"


- K. R., Ireland



​"I highly recommend Emerald Wellness. I feel l have definitely benefited from my sessions with Helena which have all been positive, healing and transformative. Helena is very thorough and dedicated in her work and you feel genuinely supported at all times."

- S. F., Ireland

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