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Kinesiology Therapy is a complimentary and non-invasive therapeutic technique. It is totally client focused and takes in your physical, physiological and psychological needs. It is a marriage between western science and eastern philosophy. Through the science of muscle testing, I "talk" to your body and so I can identify where in the body the stress is, its causes, emotions behind it and what your body needs to diffuse the stress and heal itself.
Simply put, what this mostly looks like for you, is that while you are stand up, I gently touch your wrist and using very light pressure push it to get a response from a muscle in your arm to a question I have asked of your body.

Kinesiology was developed in the 1960’s by George Goodheart. He was a chiropractor and he found that when he muscle tested his clients as to what corrections they needed, the corrections would hold longer and the client improved quicker. In other words, he "asked" the body what it needed verses applying corrections that he, with his trained knowledge, thought the person needed.

There are many different types of kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology is the one that George developed and it concentrates a lot on physical application. There is also Systematic Kinesiology, Specialised Kinesiology, Kinergetic and many others. Each practitioner has a different way of practicing it, according to their knowledge, beliefs and skills. 

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 I practice Kinesiology combining the basic premises of muscle testing to my psychological knowledge. Testing the muscle, I can find a prioritary stress in your life that you are not being able to see or to deal, an attachment that is making you stuck in old and repetitive patterns and situations, a denied emotion that is preventing you to feel and express yourself more in your life, just to give some examples. Normally it's something that is not so conscious for you, blind spots, repressed emotions, and your body brings what your mind is trying to hide. As we say, "the body doesn't lie". You can try to tell yourself that you are not in love with someone, but if you approach them and your heart races there is no denial that you feel something. You can say you are very resolved around a subject, but if it is mentioned and your body respondes with a bit of tension and contraction is difficult to believe that you are so settled about it. 

After identifying the point that your body wants to bring, we discuss it, I help you to process it, understand it and do the psychological changes you need to do. I ask your body if there is also any other recommendation to help the process - it might recommends some Reiki energy, a Bach Flower Remedy, an essential oil, a change in your diet (adding or subtracting something), some Art Therapy etc.  I can combine this technique in a long term therapy or also do it as single sessions, to focus on a specific topic. It's a very assertive technique, brings exactly what you need to see.  

"I had never experienced a therapy like Helena's. It was very powerful and spot on. I am so curious to know more about it if I am honest! Helena is an enigma of beautiful energy and depth. She does Kinesiology, Reiki and Jungian Psychotherapy... but in my eyes, what she does is just pure magic! Really great experience, I would highly recommend Helena and her holistic therapy!"

- G. L., Ireland 

In clinic  60 min .......... 90 euros   

My offices: 

The Plaza Offices, Level 1, Suite 3, Buzzer D
Headford Road, Co. Galway, Ireland
H91 KC6V


Lough Lannagh Leisure Complex

Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

F23 A257

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