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Welcome dear!! 


If you don't know me yet, I am Helena Angelini, psychologist, singer, healer, shamanic priestess.
I'm devoted to inspire, create and heal.
Through my consciousness, voice, heart and body I express the ideas, sounds and images that I receive, illuminating unconscious patterns, creating songs, using my art to heal, guiding ceremonies - making visible the invisible.    

My personal journey has involved recognizing my gifts and learning how to value and express them in the world. As I have healed them in myself, I feel empowered to help you to find and share your own gifts. Everyone has a gift, and your biggest one is your own Presence, being fully yourself. Manifesting who you are, with your own truths, perspectives, voice, energy. Understanding that the world needs you, being brave enough to fully ocuppy your place in it. Knowing the path, I'm able to hold your hand and guide you through the challenges on the way. 

It's a whole journey of trust, surrender, following your instincts, finding the flow, learning to bring to reality your visions and dreams. Dealing with your traumas, ancestral patterns, self-sabotage, excessive thoughts are definitely a part of it - here I can be your therapist. But you will also need to connect with the right source of healing and abundance - here I invite you to the shamanic path, the path of Sacred Plants, Medicine Music, natural cycles, authentic human connection, respect to nature and every form of life.

You can have a glimpse of what I do exploring my services, and if you feel called, just say hello. I invite you to come with me and shed the layers that don't serve you anymore, to find the real shining treasure inside of you.  


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